AvidThink has published numerous research reports over the last five years covering key technology and business trends in technology infrastructure. The most recent reports are currently available from the SDxCentral website.

In addition, we’ve recently rolled out our new Research Brief products. Each Research Brief provides short, easily-consumed content containing credible, concrete and actionable analysis for our readers. If you are interested in any of our report products, please contact us.

Recent Research Briefs

  • Cutting through the SD-WAN Confusion: A Handy Guide for Enterprises: With more and more SD-WAN offerings cropping up every week, sorting through the list of SD-WAN vendors isn’t an easy task. The key to success for enterprises is to first understand their WAN needs before engaging a vendor. In this research brief, we lay out a five-step process for SD-WAN solution selection along with a set of solution attributes that should be considered.
  • Achieving Early Success in Edge Deployments: Edge computing is the hot new area of focus for communication service providers (CSPs) and technology vendors alike. It promises a huge return for those who find a way to invest early and capture the value of this new field of deployment. Our latest brief on edge computing aims to provide insight into the most common pitfalls in building out the edge and provides recommendations on how to maximize success at the edge for operators.

Recent Reports

  • Container Infrastructure – What You Need to Known in 2018: Containers continue to gain traction across enterprises and service providers alike. They represent the preferred new method of developing, packaging, and deploying new web applications. With the rise of initiatives like 5G, IoT, and multi-access edge computing (MEC), containers are viewed as critical in future edge computing deployments. This report on container infrastructure provides a broad look across the container ecosystem from Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) to in-house private clouds with containers.
  • Cloud Orchestration and DevOps Report: Scaling Clouds – Infrastructure Orchestration and DevOps at Scale.: Cloud computing technologies have been with us for more than a decade, but in the last few years cloud computing has captured significant market and mind share. This report covers the latest in cloud management and DevOps across all types of clouds utilized, including infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and containers-as-a-Service (CaaS). We also provide our views on the future of serverless/functions-as-a-service technologies, such as AWS Lambda.
  • 2018 NFV Report Series Part 1: NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and VIM: The first in our three-part NFV report series covers the latest in NFVI and virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM) development, the key foundations of any NFV deployment. We examine the latest in NFVI hardware, including hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI) and alternative CPU architectures such as ARM, and include an update on the status of the VIM market, including OpenStack and VMware vCloud.
  • 2018 NFV Report Series Part 2: Rising roles of MANO, LSO and Assurance: Part two in our series on NFV covers the evolution of the MANO, including VNF manager and the NFV orchestrator. We examine the role that MEF LSO plays and look at the importance of assurance in the overall NFV stack.
  • 2018 NFV Report Series Part 3: State of the VNF Ecosystem: The third installment in our NFV report series covers the latest in network functions virtualization and virtual network functions (VNFs), the workhorse of NFV. This report examines the different categories of VNFs available and how they power the most popular use cases in the market today.
  • 2018 Next-Gen Data Center Networking: Networking in the data center has evolved rapidly over the course of the last few years, driven by the rise of XaaS hyperscale cloud providers as well as the continued virtualization of the data center—initially with VMs and now with containers. The uptake of microservices architecture in applications and increased reliance on big data analytics has changed data center traffic patterns, both within and between data centers. In this report we examine the latest in data center networking, including high-speed connectivity, accelerated NICs, SDN, automation, and intent-based orchestration.
  • 2018 Future of the Converged Data Center: Software and hardware disaggregation is driving new product categories for next-generation data centers that include converged appliances, high-density servers, and software-defined storage and networking equipment. In this report we cover the latest in converged infrastructure platforms that integrate hyperscale and rack-scale hardware with virtualized software stacks for compute and storage.